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Laptop Stand, Fold-Up, Adjustable, Ventilated, Portable Laptop Holder

Rs. 1799

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    SKU: 1688739661

    Categories: Peripherals & Accessories  ,  Laptops and Tablets  ,  Computing


    • WELL-PROTECTED:  We designed a special textured silicone which covers the entire arm, not just a few points of contact, and offers anti-slip and anti-scratch protection for your machine. Bent arms help devices stay put, an open design keeps your laptop cool, and a durable matte finish reduces fingerprints.
    • OPTIMAL WORK ACCESSORY:  Pair Curve Flex with a full-size keyboard and mouse for a desktop setup or use with a monitor for dual-screen functionality.
    • QUALITY MATERIALS , BROAD COMPATABILITY: Curve Flex's aluminum frame is durable and strong. Fits laptops/MacBooks from 10" to 17" and up to 7 lbs. Multiple points of adjustability allow you to achieve the perfect angle.
    • PORTABILITY AND CONVENIENCE: Curve Flex folds flat for portable convenience and includes a neoprene storage pouch to prevent scratches. Hate keeping track of small parts? We feel you. Curve Flex's adjustability tool has a special storage place in the pouch so it's there whenever you need it.
    • PORTABILITY AND COMPACTNESS: Many laptop stands are designed to be portable and lightweight, making them easy to carry and use in various locations. They often fold or collapse into a compact form for convenient storage and transportation.
    • COOLING AND VENTILATION: Some laptop stands incorporate features to enhance laptop cooling. This may include open designs that allow air circulation around the laptop, built-in fans, or raised platforms that promote heat dissipation.

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