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Rs. 8,799

Product Code 263843

Uwell Crown X 60W Pod Kit

Rs. 6,999

Product Code 262286

Oxva Oneo 40W Pod Kit

Rs. 7,499

Product Code 262253

KOKO GK3 Pod System 25 Watt

Rs. 695 Rs. 750

Product Code 257547


Rs. 980

Product Code 244347

Automatic Wire Cut

Rs. 1,150

Product Code 240506

Pro Backlight Game Mouse
Professional Wireless Gaming Mouse

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 1,999

Product Code 240065

Professional Wireless Gaming Mouse
2 Reviews

Rs. 3,999

Product Code 209835

Pack Of 6 16Gb Usb Drive - Silver

Rs. 9,999

Product Code 209834

Pack of 12 32Gb Usb Flash Drive - Silver

Rs. 5,099

Product Code 209833

Pack of 6 32Gb Usb Flash Drive - Silver

Rs. 3,499

Product Code 209588

Pack of 4 32Gb Usb Flash Drive - Silver

Rs. 1,499

Product Code 207128

Top 2 Ton AC Covers For Indoor & Outdoor

Rs. 3,499

Product Code 207055

Flexible Portable Laptop E-Table

Rs. 1,499

Product Code 205785

Mini Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Rs. 3,200

Product Code 228272

TrackR Bravo Zombie Black

Rs. 3,200

Product Code 228233

TrackR Bravo Black - To Track your Valueables

Rs. 3,200

Product Code 228232

TrackR Bravo Silver - Track Your Assets

Rs. 7,999

Product Code 269460

Argus P2 Pod Kit 30watt

Rs. 8,999

Product Code 269459

CALIBURN Explorer Kit

Rs. 6,799

Product Code 263842


Welcome to our Computing page at, your one-stop destination for all your computing needs. Whether you're a student, professional, or technology enthusiast, we have a wide range of computing products to enhance your productivity, entertainment, and connectivity.


Discover our impressive selection of laptops, carefully curated to cater to various user requirements. From sleek and lightweight ultra books to powerful gaming laptops, we offer options that combine performance, portability, and style. Whether you need a laptop for work, studies, or entertainment, our collection features cutting-edge technology, high-resolution displays, fast processors, and ample storage options. Stay connected, productive, and entertained on the go with our range of laptops.


For those seeking power and customization options, our desktop computers are the perfect choice. Whether you're a graphic designer, gamer, or video editor, our desktops deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Explore our range of pre-built desktops or build your own customized rig with our selection of high-quality components. With powerful processors, dedicated graphics cards, and expandable storage options, our desktops provide the horsepower needed for demanding tasks and immersive gaming experiences.

Peripherals and Accessories:

Complete your computing setup with our wide range of peripherals and accessories. We offer keyboards, mice, monitors, and speakers to enhance your overall computing experience. From ergonomic designs to high-resolution displays, our peripherals and accessories are designed to optimize comfort, productivity, and enjoyment. Additionally, explore our selection of printers, scanners, and storage devices to meet your specific needs and ensure seamless integration with your computing setup.

Software and Applications:

Unlock the full potential of your computing devices with our range of software and applications. Whether you need productivity tools, creative software, or security solutions, we have you covered. Discover the latest operating systems, office suites, graphic design software, antivirus programs, and more. Stay up to date with the latest advancements and ensure the smooth operation and protection of your devices.

At, we are committed to providing you with high-quality computing products from reputable brands. We offer competitive prices and a user-friendly online shopping experience, making it convenient for you to find the computing solutions that suit your needs. Explore our Computing page today and elevate your digital experience with our wide range of products.