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B+ Plus Breast Size Increase Medicine in Pakistan

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    B+ Plus Breast Size Increase Medicine in Pakistan

    ·         B+ Plus (combined with Bella Care Oil) is an amazing formula for Small, Saggy & Lose Brea*ts.

    ·         B+ Plus is the combination of multiple essential ingredients that helps in the development of Small Brea*ts, Increases Growth Hormones, Promotes Blood Circulation and Enhances Breast Firmness.

    ·         B+Plus is the best breast size increase medicine in Pakistan

    ·         B+ Plus Capsules & Bella Care Oil is a combo pack, specially designed for the development of Female Posture in natural way.

    ·         This combo pack is made from pure, potent and effective natural ingredients having no adverse effects at all.

    ·         Makes them large, round and firm thus develop the perfect shape.

    ·         B+Plus suitable for all age groups.

    ·         Bella Care Oil is the best essential oil for the breast firming .


    Agnus Castus increases the levels of prolactin that helps in core development and milk production in women.

    Lycopodium supports to maintain the Size & Shape of the brea*ts and the elasticity of skin. It also boosts the blood circulation.

    Sabal Serrulata is an amazingly beneficial ingredient for the undeveloped brea*ts and helps to fulfil the nutritional needs and tissue building in the body.

    Urtica Urens has anti-oxidant properties which helps to protect from harmful free radicals & boosts the immune system.

    Conium is a unique ingredient that treats and soften the hard nodes in the brea*ts and maintain them. 

    B+ Plus (in combination with Bella Care Oil) is the compound of these amazingly wonderful ingredients and is proven to show incredible results.

    Take 1 capsule daily after meal with water OR as directed by the physician. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

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