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Sidr Beri Honey

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    Sidr(Wild Beri) is one of nature's pure honey. The beekeepers carry out the honey harvesting process with such unique and traditional methods that preserve its purity and ensures medicinal benefits to its users. The trees from where Sidr(Wild Beri) is collected are usually in uncultivated areas and the trees itself are very old. Those trees blossom for only 30 days in a year which makes it more difficult for the harvesters to conduct the process of collecting honey from them in that specific time of the year. They have to make sure the bees are present at the correct plant during that time of the year which is very challenging for them. The Sidr honey is known for its luscious and delightful taste having many health benefits as well.

    [[Health Benefits:]]

    All types of honey have medicinal values and are good for health but Sidr (Wild Beri) honey has an abundance of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients which makes it more wonderful than other types of honey.

    Balances blood sugar level

    Due to its low glycemic index ranking, it also helps sugar patients to have balanced insulin levels.

    Good for skin

    The antibacterial qualities help Skin to heal and lightens it up when it is used regularly. It has healing property as well which helps in the reduction of scars and even burnt skin can be cured by Sidr Beri Honey.

     Can Prevent allergies

    The main healing property of honey is due to its strong antibacterial activity that results from the enzymatic production of hydrogen peroxide. Moreover, Infections and certain allergies can also be cured by using honey on them.

      Aids in weight loss

    Studies show that honey can trigger hormones that help suppress appetites and also they can help in the prevention of gaining weight, so people suffering from weight gain issues can use honey in their diet as it ensures weight reduction

    [Recommended use:]]

    Sidr (Wild Beri) can be used in many different parts of cooking; pancakes, bread, dishes, etc. It can also be taken directly onto a teaspoon 2-3 times a day. You can also mix the Sidr (Wild Beri) with hot water, lemon and black seed oil for maximum effect.

     Incorporating Sidr in your daily life has various benefits. One can use it in cooking replacing sugar which is not good for health. Also, you can make different face masks using Sidr as it moisturizes dry skin giving it a younger-looking glow. You can also mix it with other oils and store it for days to use it daily. It will give you a fresh feeling skin

    Other health benefits include having strong hair roots and it also helps in reducing bedwetting problems in older people. 

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