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Premium 7-Piece Cotton Comforter Set for King Size Bed

Rs. 3250

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    Indulge in 7 Piece Comfortors with: 1 King Size Filled Comforter: Experience the ultimate in snuggly warmth and sophistication. 1 King Size Bedsheet: Revel in the softness and durability of our premium cotton bedsheets. 2 Quilted Pillow Covers: Elevate your pillows with these chic, textured covers, ensuring a delightful night's sleep. 2 Simple Pillow Covers: Enhance your bed's aesthetics with these versatile and stylish pillow covers. 1 Quilted Cushion Cover: Add a touch of charm to your bedroom with this beautifully crafted cushion cover. Immerse yourself in luxury and transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of comfort and beauty. Upgrade your sleep experience and revitalize your decor with this captivating 7-piece comforter set. It's not just a set; it's a promise of indulgence and elegance you'll cherish every night.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is included in the 7-piece comforter set?

    - The set includes 1 King Size Comforter, 1 King Size Bedsheet, 2 Quilted Pillow Covers, 2 Simple Pillow Covers, and 1 Quilted Cushion Cover.

    2. Is the comforter filled with high-quality material for warmth?

    - Yes, the King Size Comforter is filled with high-quality material to provide you with the ultimate snuggly warmth.

    3. How soft and durable is the cotton bedsheet?

    - The premium cotton bedsheet is not only soft but also exceptionally durable, ensuring long-lasting comfort.

    4. What are the pillow covers like?

    - The set includes 2 chic Quilted Pillow Covers and 2 versatile Simple Pillow Covers, enhancing your bed's aesthetics and your sleep quality.

    5. What can I expect in terms of delivery time?

    - Our standard delivery time is 03 to 05 days. We aim to deliver your comforter set promptly to ensure your satisfaction.

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