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Duffel Basket

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    Categories: Handicrafts & Handmade Gifts  ,  Home & Living  ,  Home Decor  ,  Housekeeping


    Use it as a pop-up laundry hamper, or toy basket, or fold it flat for easy packing when on the go.

    Durable mesh material allows air to circulate in order to eliminate moisture and odors

    Mesh Fabric Foldable Dirty Clothes Washing Laundry Basket Portable Bag Hamper

    1. Mesh construction: The bag is typically made of mesh fabric, which allows water and detergent to pass through freely, ensuring proper cleaning while protecting the enclosed garments.

    2. Zipper or drawstring closure: Laundry nets often have a zipper or drawstring closure to secure the garments inside the bag during the wash cycle. This prevents the contents from spilling out and getting mixed with other laundry items.

    3. Protects delicate items: Delicate fabrics like lace, silk, and satin are prone to damage when washed with regular laundry. By using a laundry net, these items are shielded from the abrasive movements of the washing machine and from contact with rougher fabrics.

    4. Reduces wear and tear: Using a laundry net can extend the lifespan of delicate clothing by minimizing friction and reducing the stress caused by the washing process.

    5. Organized storage: Besides being used during the washing cycle, the laundry net can also serve as a storage solution for small or delicate items within your larger laundry hamper or drawer.

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