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VITAL BRANDS is a direct-to-consumer marketing company that uses direct response TV, Chain Stores, Print Media and internet marketing to transform product ideas into broad-based consumer companies and global brands, in very short order.

With in-house product development for the creation of new product lines and line extensions, the industry’s most experienced TV direct marketers and producers, product sourcing and manufacturing, industry-leading telemarketing, fulfillment and media management, retail and international sales divisions and in-house customer service, Vital Brands is uniquely positioned to grow its companies/brands from initial concepts to broad-based consumer brands.

To date, Vital Brands have concentrated its product development/marketing efforts (new venture development) in seven categories; each with distinctly different business advantages and challenges, providing a diversified portfolio of holdings that minimizes risk while maximizing long-term potential.

In just four years, Vital Brands has created companies/brands with significant, if not leading, positions in each current area of concentration:

• Kitchenware

• Home Ware

• Beauty

• Fitness & Exercise

• Health


• Kids & Toys

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