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Aichun Beauty 24K Gold Peel-Off Mask-135g

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Brand: Aichun
Product efficacy:Strong Penetration ability, absore the pores the blackheads and dirt, fast convergence pores, effectively improve dull rough skin. The use of high-tech extraction technology operation, regulate oil secretion, reduce acne produce and repair protecting the damaged skin. Cool down, help to reduce youth funny, to help shrink pores, prevent acne.
Ingredients:Deionized water,hyaluronic acid,VE,glycerol,volcanic mud,etc
Method Of Use:
(1.)Use Cleansing products clean nose and around the pores and make with hot towels cover area T Expansion, then cleanser clean.
(2.)3-5 mins after the will wipe clean, take appropriate amount of blackhead mask a smear on the black skin.
(3.)Stay 10-15 mins dry, top-down remove mask with water.
(4.)Clean the nose and around, after drying the coated pores compact products can be.
Keep cool and dry place avoid
Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature, to avoid infant touch
This product has been tested through the skin suitable for all types of skin
Item Included: 1 pcs * Face Mask
Package: New Retail Box

Aichun Beauty 24K Gold Peel-Off Mask-135g
Aichun Beauty 24K Gold Peel-Off Mask-135g

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