How Product Scams are affecting the Online Market in Pakistan?

July 22nd, 2020

How Product Scams are affecting the Online Market in Pakistan?

The majority of the people online use the internet as a source of deceiving vulnerable clients or consumers. They provide information that is incorrect and trick people into becoming victims of property, money, clothes or inheritance.

Online scamming occurs in many ways and especially in the digital world today that we live in, it has become more difficult than ever to trust anyone with one’s bank details.

There are many scams in online shopping. Individuals place an order for a product and do not receive the order promised. Even though they have paid the money, they do not receive anything in return. Or sometimes the product is broken, damaged or a few contrivances would be missing.

Some of the products most commonly scammed are supplies for pets, makeup products, skincare products, hair products, glasses, health care and clothing. Scammers charge the credit cards of the customers despite not giving them the orders they asked for.

And the people who complain about the late delivery of the product, or why their product still hasn’t been received by them, they are told excuses by the scammers such as; the product is still being restocked or they are asked to pay the fees for cancellation.

If the clients object, the scammers would make things difficult for them. In the past few years, the percentage of online scamming has doubled.

There are, however, a few of the sites that can be trusted. There are platforms that deliver the right platform. But experts still warn the people about the risks of online scamming.


The CrimeTech and Media investigate the growth in frauds of shopping, a hundred various cases approximately every month.

In the year 2018, legal actions were taken by the police about four hundred and thirty-eight times. In the year 2016, it was only about thirty-five times.

Stealing Extra Cash

Oftentimes, scammers made replica websites of famous brands. Their motive was just to steal cash. They also set up a short time business by bringing up domain names that already exist.

Clients or customers who buy products and things from the online website platforms never receive the products that they have paid for. Or in some cases, they receive products that are broken, and damaged, with a few missing counterparts.

Oftentimes it happens that the scammers steal money from their customer’s bank account. It takes more money than intended for the product bought.

A lot of people do not possess the knowledge to understand the difference between a website that is legitimate and fraud. This is where they go wrong. A buyer should be careful before entering his credit card information while doing an online purchase.

How to protect

They should not enter their information of credit card on a web site that does not have at the start of their URL or address the letters “https”.

But the majority of the websites of e-commerce have started to make themselves protected and secure from scams online.

The e-commerce industry of Pakistan is slowly, but swiftly becoming more safe and secure. However, some people are still afraid of purchasing products online.

If the government want this progress to continue, they must deal with the scammers online with strict punishment and take legal action against anyone who tries to fool an innocent customer.

Social Media Fraud

Worldwide millions of people become the prey of scammers online. With the rise in online shopping in Pakistan, there has been an increase in the activities of fraud in Pakistan.

Not only through the website, but people also scam their customers through businesses online with the use of social media. The same pages attract clients by selling items that are of low-cost such as electronics, clothes, cosmetics, accessories and shoes.

However, when the products are received by the customers, they turn out to be of poor quality from the specifications of the customers.

Another way they scam the people is through not giving the correct house address if the user wants to return the product or file a complaint regarding the scam. And the refuse to give their phone numbers too.

The shopping method through online has made renowned and large-scale companies to buy goods of high-quality for the customer. Several of the companies that are still developing, engage in the actions of misinterpretation, practices of deception and fraud.

20 Personalized Gift Ideas for 2020

January 29th, 2020

No Matter What’s Your Budget, We Have Got You Covered…

Yes, yes, we know. Holiday season is over and now is the time to plan for next events. Valentine’s Day is near and weddings in Pakistan are in full swing already. And most importantly you have 12 months to celebrate number of family and friends birthdays. And your busy schedule and short spans doesn’t give you long to find the perfect gifts!

Chocolates are overrated, flowers are too, the best way to impress your loved one is with photos of you! Those might not be the official words for that famous little ditty, but we think they are sound advice when it comes to a perfect gift for any occasion. A box of chocolate and a bouquet of flowers are cute and priceless, but do they show much thought? Not really.

A lot of online gifts are available at which you can personalise with images and messages. Such gifts provide an unforgettable gifting experience for the sender and receiver both. In this list you will get some gift ideas where you can personalise and customise according to your choice.

Shopping for gifts doesn’t mean they have to be expensive, gifts can be special regardless of the price, as long as they’re good quality and meaningful. Setting budgets for gifts is something we all do, but in some cases we want to make them pocket friendly. Therefore here are top 20 picks of budget friendly Customized Gift Ideas.

1- Name Jewelryname necklace

Personalised name jewelry always brings special feel for the receiver, it not only gives a personal touch but shows the feeling and emotions of the gift sender. offers a wide range of name jewelry designs which can be crafted into any jewelry such as necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Price starts from Rs. 350/- only and all orders will be delivered with Free cash on delivery all over Pakistan. These customized jewelry pcs are of high quality gold plating. If used with care this plating can last for more than a year.

2- Picture Cushions

Our gorgeous Personalized Photo Cushions are always on our top-selling gifts all events. These really do make the best gifts for your loved ones; they are cuddly, they are customized, they look and feel amazing and you can design them especially for your other half. What’s not to love?

3- Key chains with Pictures, Messages and Calendar

Let them remind you all the time with a beautifully customised key rings with message or your picture. Metal, acrylic or wood whatever you prefer, offers many types and designs for key chains which are meaningful yet affordable. also offers calendar key chain to make your special day highlighted and memorable.

4- Customized Mugs

We believe that mug is everyone’s essential commodity for daily life. Why not make it special with a special message or a picture printed on it? Check out different designs of single and pair mugs at and get it personalised as per your requirement.

5- Metal Card with Personalized Message

Let them stay with you, always with a personalized metal card which is so handy to carry in a wallet. This metal card can express your feelings and your message to your loved one all the time. In only Rs. 850/- you can get this best gift customized for your loved one and make them feel special.

6- Customised Wallet and Keychain

Selecting a gift for man is always super hard. But don’t worry you can get best quality wallet and keychain set for your husband, brother, colleague, friend and that with a personalized touch. These sets come in different colors and designs. Select the best fit for you and get it delivered free all over Pakistan.

7- Acrylic Table Clock

With every passing second you can make your loved one remind you. Gift them  customised acrylic clock with any name of your choice. It’s a perfect decoration clock which can be either used for yourself or to give as a present to your loved ones.

8- Customised Alphabet Lamplamp

What an innovative idea to lighten up someone’s dark room with a customised alphabetical letter lamp. You can order any letter alphabet of your choice with a customised name. This lamp comes in approximately 12 inches and with an option of yellow and white light. Get it for your own room or for anyone special in your life. This lamp is electric and can be connected anywhere in your room to light it up. This lamp can be decorated at your bed side table or in living room. It’s a fit for all kinda gift.

9- Wooden Plaques and Frames

Hang on a wall or decorate on the desk, these wooden frames can be customised with pictures and messages both. Having such gifts with family pictures can make it more memorable gift, so what are you waiting for get one for your family.

10- Wall clock with Picture

Don’t think much about the gift for your friend’s wedding. Get a customised wall clock for them and make them feel special with this customised picture wall clock.

11- Forever Picture Frame

Pictures are something which always hold memories, why not preserve them in a beautiful forever frame and hang it on our favorite wall. This frame can hold 5 of your best pictures. You can get it for your living room or for your loved one.

12- Calligraphic Name Necklace

Nothing beats the beauty of calligraphic name. offers beautifully crafted calligraphic name necklace for you. These necklaces are available in silver and golden color and can be done in many designs as per your preference.

13- Customized Cufflinks and Lapel Pins

For any special man in your life no best gift then a customised name cuff links or lapel pins. These can be made in English as well as calligraphic style. Both products can be customised in golden or silver color.

frame14- Customised Desk Organiser – Docking Station

Boss or dad, brother or husband you can get this docking station also known as desk organizer with their names engraved on it. This organiser can help organize all the gadgets at one place. It’s a wooden station with very fine finishing. Mobile phones, tablets, watches, diaries all can be placed in an organized way in this personalized docking station. Personalized desk organizer gives your desk a professional look. Get one for yourself and one for him.

15- Alphabetic Frame with Pictures

Make a collage of your memories and get it printed on any letter of your choice. What else you need to make it a memorable gift? Acrylic frame at can be customised with upto 15 pictures of your choice. Order your loved one initial now.

16- Personalized LED lamp

The ideas are still not over. Here is a beautiful LED lamp in heart shape which can be personalized with any message or content you want. You can gift this lamp to your loved one or at a wedding as well. It comes in acrylic material.

17- Wooden Box with Personalised Message

If you are presenting a letter or a jewelry to someone, you can gift it in a laser cut  wooden box which can be engraved with your personalised message. It’s a brilliant idea to make someone feel out of the world by giving them specially crafted gifts.

18- Customized Wooden Coasters

A pack of 4 customised coasters is a different idea to present to someone. You can get it personalised with any picture or message of your choice. It can be presented as a giveaway with a company logo as well. You can order these wooden coasters in any quantity you want, the bigger the quantity, the bigger the discount.

19- Engraved Cutlery Setgift

If you are searching for a highly unique gift ideas with pocket friendly budget, here is your chance to order beautifully engraved set of 4 pieces cutlery set for your loved ones. Set includes a knife, a fork, a tablespoon and a teaspoon. This set can be gifted to a new born child at birth celebration, to your friend on birthday and to any of your dear one for any event to make them feel special. You can order more than 4 pcs as well to make it a big set of customized cutlery set and can be gifted to a newly married couple as well.

20- Personalized Name Pens

Pens can be customised to gift any of your friend or colleague at any event. These pens are available with or without LED lights as well. Pens are always a good idea for corporate giveaways. And you can get discounted rates for bulk orders. not only offers best quality besides you will have best of the customer experience here. Don’t wait and order your desired gift and make your loved one feel loved 🙂

E-Commerce Lounge at Momentum Tech Conference 2018 organized by in collaboration with Pakistan E-Commerce Consortium

March 10th, 2018 in collaboration with Pakistan E-Commerce Consortium, organized discussion based activities at E-Commerce Lounge – Momentum Tech Conference 2018, which was held at Expo Centre Karachi. It was 2 day event, in which both days had different topics of discussions around e-commerce in Pakistan. The objective of this activity was to discuss about the challenges, future possibilities and network around all the areas of e-commerce (businesses, logistics, payments etc).

First day, pioneers of e-commerce industry in Pakistan Saad Jangda ( and Shayaan Tahir ( came to share their journey and encourage new entrants, they shared about bootstrapping. Mesum Raza Hemani (Karachi.AI) is an artificial intelligence enthusiast; he shared the ways AI can incorporate with e-commerce for future growth. Wasim Asif (Qavi Technologies) and Kamran Shamim (Apex Solutions) shared their extensive experience of technology management, they shared how to increase conversions by providing better user interface.

There were many on the run discussions happened at e-commerce lounge. In one of them Badar Khushnood (Fishry), Anum Kamran ( – PEC) Shahzeb Saeed (Shazeb Saeed clothing), Bilal Mumtaz (Sehat) and others discussed about the future plans and possibilities of Pakistan E-commerce Consortium.

Second Day started with more energy and the amazing panel of major logistics companies in Pakistan discussed about the challenges and opportunities lying in the industry . Syed Shoaib Ahsan (Unity Retail) moderated this panel with panelist from TCS (Qasim Awan), Leopards Courier (Qasim Anis), Blue-ex (Imran Buxamosa) and Trax Logistics (Hassan Khan). This panel was the focus of all audience because better logistics operations are the key for e-commerce growth in Pakistan.  Ali Qureshi (BDL – Pakistan at Facebook) also came to share how e-commerce businesses can use facebook for effective marketing. At the end of second day, Hira Saeed (Digital Doers) moderated a discussion about most emerging topic of e-commerce industry “wallet payments”. The panelists were Qasif Shahid (Finja-SimSim) and Saad Khan Niazi (Keenu Wallet). This discussion was focused on educating e-commerce startups about the payment systems and future potential of fintech.

These two days were full of excitement, networking and learning. More collaborations are also result of this conference, and Pakistan E-Commerce Consortium will share more news about the happenings in future.

Let’s enjoy PSL 2018 with Pakistan Super League (PSL) is a great initiative to bring back international cricket in Pakistan. After two successful editions of PSL, this time Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Najam Sethi with cooperation of Sindh Government decided to held final of PSL in Karachi on 25th March 2018. This good news has made cricket fan’s crazy, they seems to be more excited than past years of PSL.

The third edition of PSL T20 tournament will kick off from 22nd February 2018. Franchise are really overjoyed to be a part if this great PSL tournament and are looking forward to acquire successful results in this tournament.

Multan Sultan’s is the new edition in this season. Keeping the eye on these PSL activities have decided to attract and grab the attentions of cricket lovers by offering various fascinating clothing and customized products. Special offers has also introduced for fans of PSL teams. Each team that is a part of PSL 3 2018, their T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, caps, keychains and other such stuffs are available at Cricket lovers are looking very much excited in buying such PSL products. That’s showing immense excitement among people especially cricket lovers throughout the world and this exposure towards PSL is making it more successful year by year. As we know that Exciting people of Pakistan support their champions in PSL. And they are very much impressed by their celebrity.

Now you can buy shirts, PSL jersey, mugs, caps, keychains from with FREE Delivery all over Pakistan. We are offering different customized stuff which relate with the PSL. Give support to your champions and upcoming team by this special offer and make this event memorable.

Stylish and Interactive Wooden chains; Perfect to Use and to Gift Someone

December 9th, 2017

Customized products are very special to gift someone, it gives a personal touch and shows the care you have for a special person. Customized keychain with the name and photos are in the trends throughout the market. Everyone seems interested in getting those wooden keychains printed with the name and photo of yourself. You can find these customized keychains review here:

Wooden keychains Printed with names and pictures:

If you are tired of losing your keys continuously then grabbing the customized keychain is the best option overall. These keychains are great to keep track of all your keys with personalized photo and name or it can be your favorite image of pet, your child or beautiful landscape that is beautiful and durable too. Since you can just not only print your picture and name upon the keychain but it is the source to carry the most beautiful photograph with you.

Shapes and designs:

Different designs and styles made these keychains the symbol of fashion with finest and customized engraved frames suitable for any occasion of birthday, marriage or any celebrations.

The Keychain Material:

These hard plywood material and credit card sized keychains are laser engraved that give them stylish look to carry it either in professional spaces or in party places. So it is light weight and handy for everyone to carry them on the go with any of the stuff.

Price Range:

This customized keychain is readily available with the price tag of Rs.600 that is an affordable price scale. 

Why to buy customized keychains?

  • Make your keys apart with a custom keychain.
  • Comes in rectangular shapes by engraving your unique name or message to your loved ones.
  • Unique keychains that will make you distinguish among all of your friends.
  • It is light weight keychain feasible either for keys, purses and pouches.
  • The imprinted keychains could be with names, short quotes, pictures and more.
  • It is unbreakable as made with durable wooden material.
  • AND above all the most imporatant benefit is FREE home delivery all over Pakistan.; Transforming the Prospect of Online Shopping by Offering FREE Delivery on All Products in Pakistan

November 8th, 2017

With a vast range of over 30,000 products at, we are carrying a potential reach of 14 million customers in Pakistan. Through this online marketplace, sellers can start their businesses with zero upfront cost. is offering an incredible opportunity for sellers who want to earn without putting up initial investment or have technical knowledge. With, sellers can initiate their business without any setup fees or any monthly fees. The only need here is to just complete the seller qualification process with the website along with set of products and their respective prices where they can have seller dashboard for order management along with specialized online seller & customer support. Furthermore, seller got verified orders and their fulfillment being managed by, leading to efficient cash collection. Moreover, e-commerce training is another plus that is being provided to shore up sellers and make their online businesses operations smooth in the long run.

With, not only sellers are being facilitated but the buyers could avail best deals with this variety oriented marketplace. It is considered as the only online store offering least expensive products with the comfort of the home.

Nowadays, almost every other online shopping store is providing offers but they are having ample of delivery charges with different hidden charges that leave the customer shocked at the time of checkout. Such unwanted charges turn online shopping into vague experience for all shopaholics. So, this was the biggest hurdle faced by shopping enthusiasts who want to have inexpensive product without compromising on quality.

Thus, in order to outshine this competition and resolve the concern of hidden charges, started to offer all the products without incurring any delivery charges or hidden charges from 1st October, 2017. Previously, delivery charges were applicable on shopping of products less than Rs.1000 but now despite of the shopping scale, home delivery is totally free across all major cities and towns in Pakistan. Further, offers all payment options to its customers including Cash On Delivery, Credit / Debit Card payments, mobile payments, and bank transfer to make any purchase.

Mostly, brands look for competing in this era while retaining the highest returns but in the race, online shopping stores go out of their ways in setting their pricing strategy. Here, we are making all ways as expedient as possible to have customers on board while satisfying them with premium quality products in most reasonable prices.

Since last few years, there has been a trend adopted of Friday sales by the western culture. Since then, different named Friday sales are being arranged by online shopping stores in the month of November which create a greater buzz among the people who prefer discounts. Thus, in order to fulfill the discount gaps and unlock the spree of excitements, arranged the Bachat Friday last year that witnessed the huge sales in 3 days of event. It merits mentioning here that is going to hold the Bachat Friday event this year as well to continue the success track like last year. It will be the biggest shopping festival based on 3-4 days having thousands of discount deals that cannot even imagine before. From gadgets to men and women clothing, toys, fashion accessories, home decor items & appliances, this sale will raise the game holding the great shopping gala till time. Stay tuned with to know about latest updates regarding Bachat Friday.


May 24th, 2017

So girls! Are you UP for ‘SUMMER LAWN WRESTLE MANIA’… You might have got my point 😉 Yes I guess nobody can scratch out those ferocious, violent and wild fights among women during ‘BRANDED LAWN SALE’ in one of the leading stores in Karachi. Let’s pray the PEACE this season will continue…lolz!4a-assorted-sahil-500x500[1]

The Art of Choosing ‘THE RIGHT PIECE’

On serious note, I would say that selecting the appropriate lawn attire from trillions of choices is an art. You have to think on several grounds like brand, color, quality and last but not the least and the most important one THE PRICE!! Summers bloom with many new designs and flamboyant lawn attires. Designers create trendy apparels for Pakistani ladies whose wardrobe is definitely all about vibrant colors, digital prints, floral art and fascinating embroideries.

Glorify your wardrobe with SUMMER LAWN varietiesimpexpoculture410a-360x400[1]
So are you someone with desire of elevating up your wardrobe with brands! Lawn comes in varieties;
 -you can create your combinations for religious gatherings, stuff your clothing repository with 3   piece lawn suits.
 -Get shirt pieces to try out with trendy straight pants in neutral colours
 -and yeah pick lawn shirt with chiffon dupatta and neutral color pants!
The blend of varieties is gonna give you a trendy look this summer. SO BE TRENDY WITH WHIMSICAL LAWN ENSEMBLE

Some TIPS – The ‘SANWALI SALONI’ girls of Pakistan and ‘GAOON KI GORYAN’ usually are very sensitive about their complexions and tend to opt for colors that complement their skin tone. The girls with darker skin tone should pick lighter cool shades in summers. They can also go for combination of darker and lighter shades of summer. The florescent colors of summers will definitely create a balance with ‘GORI’ skin tone. 

Well girls there are no hard and fast rules you must adhere to while selecting clothing for you but ‘TO SELECT GOOD IS TO LOOK GOOD’ this is something I believe in!!


This summer you will keep on witnessing trendy designs harnessing with flaming colors. The creativity of designers in our part of the world is unbeatable and never-ending. The intriguing embroidery on soft cloth, the stylish digital prints and exotic colors are going to push you indulging into an exclusive shopping-spree.


Our stylish Pakistani ladies admire the printed lawn suits with motives. This gives a funky look to their attire. The basanti colors look well-settled with the personality of desi girls. The decent whites, greys and light blues upgrade the personalities of elderly women. Big floral art has attracted teens and even grown-ups. Lawn outfits are the most comfortable ones in scorching temperatures during the season. These come in both casual and party wears.

Sana Safinaz, Gul Ahmed, AsimJofa, Alkaram, Elan, Threads, J.,Khaadi, Firdous, Maria B and the list is endless. These all are the most popular brands among Pakistani style-frenzy women. So desi kuryun tie your seat belts to ride the roller coaster of SUMMER LAWN MANIA where all the designers have started showcasing their exuberant talent of creating designs for you!


Magnificent designs are just a click away! Type on in your address bar and land on this exclusive shopping website for a wonderful experience. We have plenty of options to select from creative and branded lawn collection 2017. For lighter pockets but party wear lawns you can check unother Lawn Category. The sellers are reliable and fast and careful delivery of your purchases will make you love with the website and the services being offered.


The price range hits different strata of Pakistani society making online shopping viable for everyone. You will love the unique styles and designs which our sellers have been selling to the satisfied customers. Printed and embroidered lawn suits along with ever-demanding digital prints are sold like hot-cakes. There is a huge variety for everyone, Lawn suites are available with chiffon, lawn, net and silk dopattas. So dive into the world of fashion via BUYON.PK and enjoy Free Cash On Deliveries all over Pakistan.  

Link is hiring for the following positions, send your resume at

Customer Support Executive
Vendor Acquisition Executive
Junior SEO Executive/Internee
Social Media Executive/Internee

CUSTOMER SUPPORT EXECUTIVE is looking for energetic team member for the post of Customer Support Executive. Below are the Key responsibilities for the post:

  • Manage the backend of portal and phone verification / processing of daily orders
  • Provide customer service and resolve customer complaints in a timely manner
  • Perform Online / Whatsapp Chat with customers in English
  • Response Email / Support Tickets in English
  • Answer calls professionally to provide information about products and courier deliveries, take/ cancel orders, or register complains on behalf of customer through phone
  • Keep records of customer interactions and communication details of inquiries, orders, complaints, and comments, as well as actions taken. Process orders, complains and issues
  • Follow up courier partners to ensure that appropriate actions were taken on customers’ requests to ensure timely order deliveries
  • Refer undelivered orders, unresolved complaints or special requests to designated department managers for further investigation
  • Follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies
  • Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job
  • Works under immediate supervision

Required Experience and Knowledge:

  • Candidate should be quick learner
  • Problem Solver
  • Self-motivated/proactive
  • Experiences with local e-commerce marketplace  / e-store will be a Plus
  • Knowledge of web & Graphic design will be a plus
  • MS Office skills, especially Excel
  • Must be efficient in (English) verbal and written communication
  • Excellent communication skills

Working Hours:

9 hours shift, 6 Days a week

Requirements (Education & Working Experience):

At-least Graduate with min. 1 year professional experience


VENDOR AQUISITION EXECUTIVE is looking for energetic team member for the post of Vendor Acquisition Executive. Below are the Key responsibilities for the post:

  • Identifies business affiliation opportunities by identifying prospects and evaluating their business capacity; researching and analyzing affiliation options.
  • Build sustainable relationships of trust through open and interactive communication between marketplace and sellers.
  • Making cold calls to prospective sellers / Brands and Generating leads through phone calls, emails.
  • Provide helpful and detailed information about sales management cycle offered through
  • Track marketing efforts and monitoring results.
  • Perform presentations by assembling proposals, videos, slide shows, demonstration and competitor analysis.
  • Prepares reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information.
  • Organizing promotional events and co-branding opportunities.
  • Identifies product improvements or new products by remaining updated on local e-commerce industry trends, market activities, and competitors.
  • Formulate and execute business and marketing plans to increase the online share of marketplace.
  • Monitor a Create and execute monthly and occasion-specific marketing campaigns for the business.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Required Experience and Knowledge:

  • Candidate should be quick learner
  • Problem Solver
  • Self-motivated/proactive
  • Experiences of acquisition will be a Plus
  • Knowledge of web & Graphic design will be a plus
  • MS Office skills (Documentations, Presentations, Sheets)
  • Must be efficient in (English) verbal and written communication
  • Excellent communication and persuasive skills

Working Hours:

9 hours shift, 6 Days a week

Requirements (Education & Working Experience):

At least Graduate with min. 2 yrs. professional experience


Jr. SEO EXECUTIVE/INTERNEE SEO is looking for energetic team member for the post of Jr. SEO Executive/Internee SEO. Below are the Key responsibilities for the post:

  • Basic content writing skills
  • Content management skills
  • Must possess knowledge and hands-on experience of On-Page SEO, E-commerce product approvals, CMS management, Product Listing Optimization and Basic Image manipulation.
  • Knowledge of latest Google ranking parameters and Google updates is a plus.

Required Experience and Knowledge:

  • Candidate should be quick learner
  • Creative
  • Problem Solver
  • Self-motivated/proactive
  • MS Office skills
  • Must be efficient in (English) verbal and written communication
  • Comprehensive expertise of English Grammar is a must.
  • Experience of writing blogs and managing content on CMS is required.
  • Excellent communication and persuasive skills

Working Hours:

4-9 hours shift, 6 Days a week

Requirements (Education & Working Experience):

At least Intermediate with min. 6 months hands-on experience


SOCIAL MEDIA EXECUTIVE/INTERNEE is looking for energetic team member for the post of Social Media Executive. Below are the Key responsibilities for the post:

  • Oversees all company social media accounts management
  • Develops engaging, creative, innovative content for regularly scheduled posts, which enlighten audiences and promote brand-focused messages
  • Audits and analyses social media presences, including digital advertising costs and returns
  • Analyses social media campaigns with tracking systems to gather visitor data and determine efficacy and areas for social media campaign improvement
  • Works with other departments to develop social media timelines coinciding with new product releases, ad campaigns, or other brand messages
  • Track social media influencers
  • Monitors and develops reports on competitor activity within social media spaces

Required Experience and Knowledge:

  • Candidate should be quick learner
  • Creative and problem solver
  • Self-motivated/proactive
  • Passionate for digital things
  • Extensive knowledge of social media platforms
  • Web and Graphics Proficiency
  • Advertising, Copywriting, Content Creation, Public Relations and Brand Marketing Experience
  • Proofreading and Editing Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • MS Office skills (Documentations, Presentations, Sheets)

Working Hours:

4-9 hours shift, 6 Days a week

Requirements (Education & Working Experience):

At least Graduate with min. 6 months hands-on experience Celebrated GEW’16

November 22nd, 2016



Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is an international initiative, and its aim is to motivate the entrepreneurs through different activities. also arranged an event to celebrate GEW’16 on 16th Nov 2016 with some of its sellers, who are entrepreneurs in different capacities. It was a networking event focused on the entrepreneurial journey of such sellers having different backgrounds and stories to share.


We are fortunate enough to have amazing entrepreneurs be it a student, housewife, part-timer or full time. They all are enjoying and earning through without any hassle and making a wave of amazing entrepreneurship activities.

To motivate the sellers, announced its first ever “Best Seller Award” as a token of appreciation to the blog-2sellers, who are going extra mile to serve the customers and generating amazing numbers of online orders through The first receiver of this award is “Mr. Owais Sikander” owner of the eShop “Elements PK” ( focusing to empower more people through technology, in this regard many people with different backgrounds have been trained through the platform and have learnt online selling.

Anyone, who is willing to be a part of this family and wants to explore the world of e-commerce in Pakistan through entrepreneurship, follow this link for registration and start selling online:’s HOT Winter Collection

January 20th, 2015

How difficult is to keep yourself warm in the depths of winter, when a still wind keeps striking around the clock, making your entire body feel frozen, numbed and dry. Yet again,, one of the largest online shopping platforms in Pakistan, brings you loads of warming offers to make this winter season more than an Indian summer. Of course, our exclusive newly-offered winter collection for both men and women is now on sale at containing a complete range of essential shopping items, winter wear, and apparels. Just have a look at our winter collection, and order your favorite items available at very reasonable rates and discounted prices 24/7. Read more