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3-Way Manual Nail Staple Gun

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3-Way Manual Nail Gun U-Shape Frame Nail Gun Heavy Duty Staple Gun Household Power Tool 

Multi-functional Staple Gun

For use in the office or home

This multi-purpose staple gun is useful for a range of tasks. It comes with a selection of staples and nails, and is suitable for certain sizes of regular staples, u-shaped staples, and nails. Whether you need to fasten fabrics or lay cable, this sturdy and practical tool reduces the amount of manual labour necessary and makes work both faster and easier.

Everything you need

This staple gun comes with 1500 assorted staples, u-shaped staples, and nails, meaning you can get started straight away. The staple force and pressure can be adjusted for optimum results. An ergonomically shaped grip means you can work for extended periods of time without fatigue or cramp, whilst a convenient plastic carry case lets you store both the staple gun and spare staples.

3-Way Manual Nail Staple Gun
3-Way Manual Nail Staple Gun
3-Way Manual Nail Staple Gun

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