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Ways to Wear a Scarf Taiwan Style 247S- 403

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Magic scarf aside, having a scarf in your wardrobe repertoire can be a unique way to spice up your outfit.  One of my best friends from high school visited Egypt during her sophomore year, and gave me a beautiful rainbow-colored Egyptian scarf.  Every time I wear the scarf, I always get plenty of comments and questions about where I got it from.  Scarves can really add a pop of color to your outfit that is unique and unexpected, and are perfect for filling in negative space around your neckline.  If you have to wear more conservative colors to an interview or to work (e.g. black, grey), adding a scarf can add personality to an otherwise bland outfit.   Without saying that a scarf will get you a job offer, having something unique about your outfit can really make you stand out.  So think about wearing one, in the spirit of the magic scarf: “A hat, Skirt, Shawl, Vest, Cowl, Hood, Dress, Halter, Shrug, Warp, Burled cape, Angel wings, and many more styles only limited by your imagination!”

 Ways to Wear a Scarf Taiwan Style 247S- 403

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