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Karachi, Pakistan

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5 Second Fix Liquid - Plastic Welding Tool

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5 Second Fix comes in a pen-like device that has an applicator with brush on one end and a small UV light on the other. To use 5 Second Fix, they instruct you to brush it on the items you are trying to bond and press them together. Since it doesn’t dry from air/heat, you can reposition as necessary. Then, they tell you to shine the UV light on the liquid and voila! The two units are now melded as one. The commercial shows 5 Second Fix being used to repair a pair of broken glasses, a water pitcher, and even a drone. They tout 5 Second Fix can be used on a leather handbag strap a show it being used to weld a tow cable together and pull a 4,400 truck. They add 5 Second Fix is flexible and can be sanded and painted so it can be used everywhere.

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